#139: Boost Your Podcast: Guest Tips & Editing Hacks!
The Podcast In The RoughJanuary 26, 2024x
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#139: Boost Your Podcast: Guest Tips & Editing Hacks!

Episode 139: Boost Your Podcast: Guest Tips & Editing Hacks

Join host Zebulon Thomas in this dynamic episode as he addresses questions from the Podcast Community Mastermind Facebook Group. Dive into efficient ways to record and edit video content for your YouTube channel while supporting your podcast. Discover strategies for bringing impactful guests onto your podcast, exploring networking, cross-promotion, and affiliate deals. Get insights on transitioning from an audio/photo podcast to a video format in 2024, including remote recording setups and free, customizable tools. Uncover valuable tips for creating visually appealing micro content frames. Don't miss out on boosting your podcast with expert advice and practical tips!

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